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Monday, July 20, 2009

Foyer Update

A year after moving into our place, and 11 months after putting down the paint cans I'm once again going on a home improvement hits me about every 6 months. This time of course, I'll be documenting the changes for all to see!
I hope to show people that even designers don't always have a perfect home- do I dare say its like the Cobbler who's kids don't have shoes? Well, maybe not quite, but my place is a work in progress like most people.

This is for the many friends and aquaintances who've apologized to me about the state of their home before I've even stepped inside....and to show you what you can do to make your place better even if you are a renter like us.

So my foyer is a cream and brown disaster. I need color! Lucky for us, our landlord said it was okay to paint the walls (probably because the apartment hasn't seen a coat of paint in 10 years). In return, I promised to choose colors that would be fairly neutral....but this place is about a neutral as one can get, so some necessary color is in order.

Stay tuned for the after which is almost complete.