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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Website, New Blog!!!

I have been very fond of my blogspot blog, but in order to streamline my online presence, I have moved my blog to Wordpress.  Please visit my newly relaunched website and blog at:

See you over there!

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Look For Less

I am currently researching ideas for a new project.  While flipping through the new CB2 catalogue I noticed these pendants:

I immediately thought of Tom Dixon's "Beat Light Fat" pendant, which I've been admiring for years. 

The CB2 price: $250, Tom Dixon's light: $500 for the smaller pendant and about $1000 for the larger version.  The beauty of Tom Dixon's light is in the details.  It has an architectural appeal and the interior is hammered gold.  Its a real beauty.  If you have to save a bit on the budget, I can see the CB2 version working quite nicely as an alternative.  To recreate the gold interior,  apply a bit of gold leaf paper to the interior or even gold spray paint could do the trick.  I might suggest doing something different to the maple wood as well.  A walnut color might work better with the gold interior.  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Key West

My family and I recently came back from a trip to Key West.  Not only was it a refreshing get a way from the winter, it was great to ingest the vernacular of a place that is different in so many ways from the Northeast. The architecture of Key West is often described as mix of Victorian, Bahamian, and New England, and I really think they took the best those three styles had to offer.   We had rain the day we toured many of the neighbordhoods, but I did take a few snapshots of some of the more striking houses before it rained, as well as some pictures from the Audobon House Gallery.  The Gallery sells some original art of James Audubon's works as well as many reprints (which looked as good as the real thing in my opinion!) I would love to design a whole room around the crane picture below!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Support Pole Makeover

Just a couple weeks ago I posted some before and after pics of my clients basement redesign.

I promised to explain one particular detail in the design- the support column.  Here is the before  picture again. Kinda sticks out at ya-and-not-in-a-good-way, doesn't it?

During our design discussions, one thing that came up in discussions was the support pole that essentially holds up the ceiling.  There were a myriad of different ways to try and incorporate this eyesore into the space.  If this were a more formal area I might have suggested wrapping it in wood and making a nice column out of it.  Then we threw out  making a tree out of it, adding some branches and faux painting the whole thing....but I needed to brainstorm a bit more, afterall this was primarily a kids space , and I wanted to do something really fun and out-of-the-box. The whimsical nature motif exists throughout the design, so the tree idea would defintely work.

One thing lead to another and I found this great shop on Etsy, Eve's Little Earthlings. Eve makes among other things, wine cozies from recycled sweaters.  They often resemble tree stumps. 

 I contacted Eve and she was happy to custom make the "pole cozy".  She did a really great job, and here is the completed Pole Cozy today: (I wish I had a better close up, and will try to add one to the post at a later date.)

I feel like it really becomes part of the design rather than some afterthought.