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Monday, June 14, 2010

Childrens Decor

With the impending birth of my next son or daughter only weeks away, I find myself more interested in childrens decor as of late....well the nursery was designed to be gender neutral so I wouldn't have to redecorate necessarily. However, we have had to slowly transitioned my 2 year old son from the crib to a twin bed over the last couple months, which has led to slightly redecorating the room from nursery to something more toddleresque. We decided until we move, the baby will either be rooming with us, or sharing the room with Liam (if the baby sleeps well...fingers crossed). I have repositioned the furniture to make room for the crib and a twin bed, and I will be posting on that in another week or so with before and afters.

Decor8 just posted today on an artist, Tamar Mogendorff, who creates beautifully crafted items from nature out of fabric. I particularly loved the birdhouses shown here. We recently stayed at a B&B in Kennebunkport, MA that had hand painted birdhouses cover the wall of the sun porch. Liam absolutely loved them. I think these fabric birdhouses would be great in a girl or boys room as well.