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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Client Designs

Here is a room from one of my clients who really just wants to "finish out" the room. She is using existing upholstery items (a red loveseat and sofa), area rug, accent tables, as well as some of her own antiques which include an exotic wood cutout trunk and piano (that plays itself!). However, what is left to do is accessorizing to complete the space and taking it to the next level with some quality textiles. The inspiration point is actually in the framed etchings of the universities they attended. They both grew up and attended schools in Rhode Island, and the husband wanted to incorporate them with some new etchings of the graduate schools they attended. Without getting overly themey, my goal is to create a room that relays geographical location of where they attended schools and live: Rhode Island otherwise known as the Ocean State. Here my plan of attack:
This is a formal living room and a place they will entertain guests, so it needs to feel formal and traditional. I would like finish out the seating area with a traditional Louis XVI armchair upholstered in a fresh graphic pattern for modern appeal. This would also help break up the all the red in the upholstery. I would like the keep the accent tables as is, but add a full length tablecloth to one side table in a vivid Celerie Kemble floral: Hot House Spark. Next, the existing rug is great but slightly small for the room. I will be layering a 9x12' natural seagrass rug with black border in order to add some natural texture to the room and create a cozier feel. (Design tip: if using alot of red in the room, using textured neutrals helps to balance out the vivid color without becoming overwhelming.) The room is also quite dark as is. To get more natural light into the room, I proposed new linen drapes in a caramel color installed beyond the window frames and all the way up to the ceiling as well as adding a red coral chandelier, and a round mirror hung the opposite wall of the windows. For added symmetry and color, two peacock blue gourd lamps will flank the larger sofa and this will help frame out the artwork we will be adding. Finally, for some finishing touches, we will add a mixture of throw pillows in camel velvet and the Celerie Kemble print as well as an oversized clamshell for the coffee table. Stay tuned for after photos!

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