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Monday, December 20, 2010


One of my current jobs, a dining room,  has had my creative side working overtime.  It should have been such a simple thing- add some window treatments, a console table, rug and a few pictures to the room and call it a day.  Well, sometimes the most simple project turns into a brain teaser.  I could not find the right table - at the right price ANYWHERE!  I started researching possiblities months ago, and it finally dawned on me one night lying in bed. A) It wasn't as simple as it seemed b/c B) the room is actually bigger than many living rooms, so it really needed more than just a table and pictures, and C)  we needed to custom make a table.   I did an about face and suggested we really need to added architecture to the room instead of just filling the wall with "stuff".  We worked out a elevation plan to add picture frame molding to all the walls to bring down the scale of the room and cozy it up a bit.    

And the custom table.....I wanted something rich, with history and patina, and I found it at an architectural salvage store. Restoration Resources came to my rescue when I came upon these pedestals:
According to the store owner they are from the old State House in Boston, but since my client is in RI, that won't mean much to her! Nontheless, they have the patina I had been searching for.

I came up with a sketch to add a tabletop and with a crown molding style profile, and handed it off to my furniture maker to work his woodworking magic.

Here it is almost done- we will be painting the top in a high gloss warm white with subtle gray undertones, Ben Moore Monterey White, to finish it off.  Stay tuned for the final pics in my clients home! 

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