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Monday, January 17, 2011

Photographing Cora's first year

In honor of Cora going for her 6 month check up tomorrow, I thought I would show a photo project I am in the middle of doing.  I've taken a picture of Cora each month since she was born, and after her 12 month photo I am going to make a photo collage of all the months combined.  I always think its a nice way of documenting a child first year without plastering pictures all over the wall.  Originally I had the intention of buying a 12 month size white onesie and taking a picture of her in it each month until she turned one, but I never made it out to grab said onesie.  Instead, I used her birth announcement picture as my guide.  Each month I have taken a picture of Cora in the same position and same spot on our sofa.
Here is the original shot when she was 3 weeks old.

Here are the subsequent shots from month one to six:
1 mo.
2 mo.
3 mo.
4 mo.
5 mo.
6 mo.

Now that I've put them together like that I notice an unintentional trend of red, white, and blue clothing going on.....hmm, well she was born on July 2nd.   Ironically, this is what my living room looks like:

I see a color pattern going on.  Well, people often decorate in the same colors they wear, so guilty as charged! Stay tuned for the final collage in 6 months.    

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Julia said...

Oh Megs!
These pictures of Cora are sooo adorable!
What an "inspired" idea!
I love this blog...